About Dialysis Access Center

Dialysis Access Center, Inc. was founded by East Bay Nephrology Medical Group on September 8, 1997. It initially operated in the inpatient setting at Alta Bates Medical Center in Berkeley California.

On Sept. 8, 2003, after 6 years of providing access service at the hospital, DAC, Inc was established as a free standing, outpatient facility in Oakland, CA. Supported by two major Nephrology practices, East Bay Nephrology Medical Group and Chabot Nephrology Medical group, comprised of 35 physicians caring for more than 1500 hemodialysis patients, the program is operational five days per week throughout the year. A total of about 1700 cases are done annually by 11 highly experienced interventional nephrologists to minimize the hospitalizations for dialysis patients.

The center is specifically designed, equipped, supplied and staffed to serve dialysis patients in the East Bay area of San Francisco and manage the problems associated with their hemodialysis vascular access. Thrombectomy, venogram and angioplasty of dialysis access and related vessels, short and long term dialysis catheter insertion, removal and exchange are performed at the center with the use of moderate sedation in most circumstances.

The center comprises about 4800 square feet of space. A welcoming comfortable space has been allotted for patient waiting area and patient recovery area with seven recovery beds. There are two procedure rooms each fully and individually equipped to do interventional procedures in a safe and efficient manner. There is ample supply storage area separate from the procedure rooms. Supplies are tracked by an inventory program. There are two offices for the Medical Director, and Clinical Manager and Physicians working at the center. There is also a large break and conference room for the medical staff and meetings.