To Our Patients Dialysis Access Center

DAC, Inc. is a program designed to optimize the care of our patients. The focus is on your dialysis access. It is our desire to take care of your access in a timely and safe manner using state-of-the-art technology.

DAC is made up of the highest caliber health care providers. All DAC interventional nephrologists are Board certified in Nephrology and many have additional training/certification. This additional expertise directly benefits the patients and provides superior care. Our providers are available to manage any difficult to manage dialysis access related issues.

We understand that living with kidney failure and having to plan your life around dialysis can be very stressful. We also understand that having a dialysis access problem can add to that stress and cause interruption in your schedule. Our program is designed to accomodate you bring as little interryuption into your life as possible.

We have geared our program to patients who want an alternative to surgery or to inpatient hospital care. We use a team approach to treating every patient. The team includes staff from your dialysis center, our staff and phsyicians who are available to respond to your needs and questions concerning your access acre and the procedures it requires.

DAC is accrediated by the Accrediation Associaition for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). the nations's leading accrediting organization of outpatient facilities.

Being accredited means that DAC has undergone a rigorous professional scrutiny by highly qualified AAAHC professionals and found to provide quality care. So, congratulations, by choosing us, you have made an excellent choice.

Your visits to DAC are designed to ensure that you get the personal attention and care you deserve. DAC offers numerous education classes to patients and their families so that they can understand their lifeline, the dialysis access, its maintenance and learn about how to best care for it.

We are one of the largest nephrology practices in the East Bay Area with convenient access to dialysis access services.


Our goals are:

• To care for your access safely
• Maximize your comfort
• Minimize hospitalizations due to access problems
• Prolong the use of your access
• Optimizeyour dialysis treatment
• Respect your complicated schedule
• Provide you with education about your access

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