Conditions Treated Dialysis Access Center

Conditions Treated ...

  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • End Stage Kidney Disease
  • Dialysis Access Care and Management
    • Thrombectomy of clotted AV Fistulas and AV Grafts
    • Care of Dysfunctional Dialysis Access
    • Angioplasty of stenoses (blockages) of dialysis access
    • Venous Stent placement for resistant lesions (blockages)
    • Balloon assisted maturation of immature AV Fistulas
    • Venogram Venous Mapping in preparation of dialysis access creation
  • Dialysis Catheter Care
    • New Dialysis Catheter Insertions
    • Dialysis Catheter Exchange of a dysfunctional or infected catheter
    • Dialysis Catheter Removal not being used
    • Dialysis Catheter Repair of broken catheters
    • Care of infected Catheter


At Dialysis Access Center, we provide the best possible care and the most comprehensive treatment available for patients with a variety of dialysis access dysfunction. All DAC interventional nephrologists are Board Certified in Nephrology and many have additional training/certification in management of dialysis access, home dialysis, critical care nephrology, moderate sedation, and hypertension. This additional knowledge directly benefits patients and provides outstanding care to them.